No Renter Left Behind!

Urge your legislators to Cancel Unpaid Rent and Mortgage Payments During the COVID-19 Crisis!

  • LEAVE NO RENTER BEHIND: All eligible tenants and landlords should get 100% relief for rent and utility debt incurred due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small landlords need relief & all renters deserve rent and utility debt forgiveness.
  • EXTEND EXISTING EVICTION PROTECTION BEYOND JUNE: The most vital protections must remain in place until the economy of California has properly recovered from the deepest recession since the Great Depression.
  • SECURE LASTING PROTECTION FROM LONG-TERM CREDIT IMPACT: California was already facing a serious housing crisis before the pandemic. Without protection against long-term negative credit impact, we risk trapping tenants in years of financial fallout, impeding the state’s economic recovery.