Tenants, housing advocates rally against landlord harassment

ANTIOCH, CA - Tenants who say they’ve reached the breaking point rallied on Thursday at Delta Pines Apartments in Antioch to demand the city pass tenant-rights measures to protect them and hold landlords accountable.

Mayor Pro Tem Tamisha Torres-Walker and Councilwoman Monica Wilson proposed an anti-harassment ordinance, and another requiring landlords to prove just cause for evictions, in late 2021. But when the council approved a rent stabilization measure capping rent increases at 3% last year, it didn’t include clauses addressing either issue.

“This has got to be passed, it needs to be passed in all these cities to protect people, to protect these children,” tenant Kim Carlson said before the rally. “They don’t deserve to be harassed. I don’t pay this amount of rent to be constantly traumatized, constantly having to look out my windows.”

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