Trailer Park Residents Win Renter Protections in Imperial Beach!

After a months long campaign, the residents of the Siesta RV Park in Imperial Beach and ACCE San Diego leaders finally won strong city-wide renter protections- including an eviction ban, anti-harassment protections and a prohibition on rent increases of more than 5% annually. The Imperial Beach City Council ended a rule the park's owner, Miramar Imperial Beach LLC, was enforcing that required residents of mobile home and RV parks to sign six-month leases and vacate their spaces for 48 hours after those leases expired.

Tenants in the City and County of Los Angeles Gain New Protections!


Los Angeles County tenants made new gains this month at both the county and city level, thanks to amazing organizing work by ACCE Los Angeles tenant leaders and our allies in the Keep LA Housed coalition. The Los Angeles City Council agreed to implement permanent just cause protections for all LA City tenants, and the County Board of Supervisors voted to strengthen renter protections and expand eviction defense services for all tenants in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles. The housing justice movement in Los Angeles is growing stronger and more powerful every day! 

Antioch Wins Rent Control

After months of organizing and actions demanding stronger protections for Antioch tenants, the Antioch City Council passed a  rent control ordinance that would cap annual rent increases to 3% or 60% of CPI, whichever is lower. The vote reflects a shift in housing policy across the state with dozens of cities across CA working to pass stronger tenant protections!

Pomona Tenants Win Rent Stabilization Ordinance



Struggling tenants in the City of Pomona will see their rents capped for the next year, thanks to the City Council's passage of a rent stabilization ordinance in August 2022. The one-year rent stabilization ordinance caps rent increases at 4%, or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is less. This huge victory was made possible thanks to a five-year campaign led by local community groups like Pomona United for Stable Housing (PUSH) and tenant leaders like Los Angeles-ACCE member Yesenia Miranda Meza who organized outside of City Hall. 

San Pablo Porto Tenants Stop Eviction - Get Landlord to Enter Negotiations to Possibly Sell Home to Land Trust!

Tenants living at the Porto Apartments in San Pablo that have been living under the threat of eviction for over a year now claim victory as the landlord has not only agreed to drop the eviction case, but has also agreed to wave some of the back rent that was owed and sign a "first right of refusal" with Richmond LAND to possibly sell the building to the land trust and make the home permanently affordable and in community control. 

After 2.5 year rent strike, ACCE Members claim victory after the owner officially sells building to the Oakland Community Land Trust!!!!

After one of the longest rent strikes in Oakland history, ACCE Members collectively organized in their 14-Unit Fruitvale building claim victory and celebrate after the owner officially sells the apartment complex to the Oakland Community Land Trust!!!! The sale is part of a growing movement of renters across California pushing for our homes to be taken off the failed speculative, profit-driven, housing market entirely and put into democratic ownership where it can be made permanently affordable. In multiple major cities across California, including Oakland, renters are pushing for Tenant and Community Opportunity to Purchase Acts (TOPA or COPA) to combat the spike in real estate speculation that has caused unprecedented displacement and homelessness. The tenants are elated and urge fellow renters everywhere to not merely tolerate slum conditions, landlord harassment, or to live in the constant fear of displacement - but to organize their homes into land trusts where their homes can become safe, healthy, democratically controlled and permanently affordable.
Because #HousingIsAHumanRight and when we fight we win!

ACCE Members Win $6 Million Settlement Against Eco Solar for Victims of PACE Fraud!

After thousands of working-class and low-income homeowners - majority Latino and African American - in LA County were defrauded by the government-sponsored PACE program, many faced foreclosure. But after years of organizing and fighting back, in a significant victory for approximately one hundred homeowners defrauded by PACE, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced a $6 million settlement to be distributed to Los Angeles homeowners harmed by the unfair deceptive and unlawful practices by Eco Solar, a company connected to the PACE program. The court found that Eco Solar had unlawfully targeted Spanish-speaking homeowners and lured them into entering into "construction contracts and PACE loans for renovation work (Eco Solar) were never going to finish." There is much more to be done to right the injustices caused by those who defrauded under the PACE program, but the settlement is major step forward!

Trinity Elementary School in Los Angeles to Remain Open


In early June 2022, ACCE-Los Angeles Education Chapter, United Teachers of Los Angeles, Trinity Elementary School staff and students celebrated the news that the community's beloved Trinity will stay open and become a Community School. Trinity's second grade students will also be allowed to remain. The coalition successfully fought off L.A. Unified School District plans to permanently close the 118-year old Trinity and hand the building over to Gabriella Charter School. ACCE Education Chapter members, some of whom are parents of Trinity students, worked tirelessly organizing rallies at the school and creating video testimonials telling LAUSD and Gabriella Charter board members not to displace Trinity students and harm the community.


Los Angeles: 28th Street Tenants Win Fair Rent After Two-Year Campaign

After a two-year organizing campaign, the tenants of an apartment building on East 28th Street in south Los Angeles on Feb. 17 won fair rent! The tenants had suffered harassment and poor living conditions, and were hit with illegal rent increases of 200% and threatened with eviction. After meeting with ACCE starting in 2020, the tenants learned their rights, organized with ACCE, got legal help from our friends at the Eviction Defense Network, and eventually won their case. Their landlord agreed to make repairs on the apartments, charge a fair rent, no rent increases for a year after the pandemic has ended, and payment arrangements for tenants who can't pay all of their rent. When we organize, we win! 

Los Angeles County Tenants Win Extension of Pandemic Eviction Protections

Thanks to the efforts of Los Angeles ACCE members and coalition allies, the County Board of Supervisors on Jan. 25, 2022, voted to extend pandemic eviction protections for tenants in unincorporated county areas through the end of the year. L.A. members sent out 300 emails, contacted 3,000 new contacts in the county to call their Supervisor, and posted 27 video testimonies sharing what the protections mean to working-class families in L.A.