Oakland Tenants Declare - No Income? No Rent!

OAKLAND - ACCE members built a citywide rent strike, organizing strikes (of ACCE members) at 44 buildings. With many strikes still going strong, Oakland ACCE members collectively withheld over half a million dollars from the real estate industry in 2020.

ACCE Oakland wins strongest COVID Eviction Moratorium in the State, Possible the Country

OAKLAND - After surmounting pressure and campaigning, alameda passes one of the strongest eviction moratorium in the State, maybe the country! Afterwards, tenants won an extension tied to the State of Emergency.

29th Ave Rent Strike Wins Building Ownership Via Land Trust

Holding 50% of the entire building’s rent starting in October 2019, the strike grew in March 2020, and ultimately the tenants won a deal from the building owner to sell the building to the Oakland Community Land Trust.

Mosser Tenants Beat Rent Increases

Mosser tenants organized to stop or significantly reduce capital improvement rent increases at 3 different buildings.

Moms 4 Housing Changed the Narrative of the Housing Crisis, Challenged the Capitalist Housing Market, and Won a House

OAKLAND - After a 2 month occupation that became international news, Moms 4 Housing won an agreement from Wedgewood to sell the Magnolia Street house to the Oakland Community Land trust.