Housing is a Human Right Slate Sweeps Berkeley Rent Board Election

BERKELEY - ACCE Oakland staff members Dominique Walker and Leah Simon-Weisberg led the entire “Housing is a Human Right” Rent Board slate to victory, despite half a million dollars spent to oppose them by the National Association of Realtors.

ACCE Oakland leads progressive coalition to seize control of Oakland City Council

ACCE Oakland helped to lead a powerful coalition of community, labor, and progressive organizations to oust Lynette “Tenant-Hater” McElhaney and elect our very own Carroll Fife to represent West Oakland (District 3) on the City Council. This same coalition successfully defended the At-Large seat, held by one of our strongest allies on the Council, from a challenger backed by the Brown/Harris/Schaaf political machine to the tune of over $400,000.

ACCE Los Angeles Rapid Responders Successfully Stop Illegal Lockouts of Elderly Tenants









ACCE member Barry McCollough's mother, 71-year-old stroke patient Virginia Walker, was illegally locked out of her south Los Angeles home in October 2020, despite the fact that she had been paying rent to the city for her duplex, which was under the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP). With support from Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson's office and coalition partners, ACCE Los Angeles emergency responders enlisted a locksmith to remove the front door locks from Ms. Walker's home.

Mosser Tenants Stop Illegal "Investor Tours"

OAKLAND - Mosser tenants stopped their corporate landlord from taking investors on a tour that included entering occupied units (during a pandemic!) at 10 different buildings.

ACCE Oakland Trains Youth Organizers

OAKLAND - The ACCE Youth Leadership Academy was a 5 week pilot program to explore ACCE's ability to train up youth organizers in our organizing model. 8 Oakland youth (from ACCE's membership base; several were children of current ACCE members), worked with ACCE 3 days each week for 5 weeks. Due to COVID, we were unable to engage the youth in our typical day-to-day community outreach/door-knocking work, but we did interactive trainings on topics like 1) Why We Organize (power in numbers, direct action & why elections actually matter); 2) Housing Justice (What is a commodity? What is real estate speculation? What is a land trust? How are housing justice and racial justice connected?) 3) Housing Rights (Rent Control, Costa Hawkins, Eviction Moratorium) 4) Power Mapping; 5) Strikes & Direct Action, etc. Each training included a skills and community engagement component, where youth learned and refined their version of an organizing rap, recruited tenants to attend trainings about their legal right to withhold rent during the pandemic, lobbied local and state legislatures, worked with ACCE tenant leaders to plan and execute direct actions, and created a video for the Cancel Rent campaign.

Oakland Tenants Declare - No Income? No Rent!

OAKLAND - ACCE members built a citywide rent strike, organizing strikes (of ACCE members) at 44 buildings. With many strikes still going strong, Oakland ACCE members collectively withheld over half a million dollars from the real estate industry in 2020.

ACCE Oakland wins strongest COVID Eviction Moratorium in the State, Possible the Country

OAKLAND - After surmounting pressure and campaigning, alameda passes one of the strongest eviction moratorium in the State, maybe the country! Afterwards, tenants won an extension tied to the State of Emergency.

29th Ave Rent Strike Wins Building Ownership Via Land Trust

Holding 50% of the entire building’s rent starting in October 2019, the strike grew in March 2020, and ultimately the tenants won a deal from the building owner to sell the building to the Oakland Community Land Trust.

Mosser Tenants Beat Rent Increases

Mosser tenants organized to stop or significantly reduce capital improvement rent increases at 3 different buildings.

Moms 4 Housing Changed the Narrative of the Housing Crisis, Challenged the Capitalist Housing Market, and Won a House

OAKLAND - After a 2 month occupation that became international news, Moms 4 Housing won an agreement from Wedgewood to sell the Magnolia Street house to the Oakland Community Land trust.