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No work, no rent: Tenants grapple with mounting debt, shrinking benefits

LA Daily News - Alicia Kneifl had just started a new life in a new city with a new job. She and her husband sold their house in Lancaster, put their goods and their boat in storage, and rented an 11th-story Long Beach apartment with city and ocean views.

Then the coronavirus shutdowns came, and the Kneifls rapidly lost everything — first their jobs, then their savings. They paid less than half their rent through June and couldn’t pay any in July.

Adding to their hardship, Kneifl’s unemployment check will drop to $198 next week unless Congress extends the $600 weekly unemployment supplement approved under the CARES Act.

“You can’t really survive on that. That’s nothing,” Kneifl said during a phone interview, starting to sob. “All day long, I’m researching. Mornings, I’m applying for jobs, afternoons I’m trying to find resources, like food stamps. … It’s definitely a scary situation.”


Danville caravan continues push to defund local law enforcement agencies

KRON - The push to defund local law enforcement agencies continued in Danville on Thursday. Activists held a car caravan protest outside the home of a Contra Costa County supervisor. The group is calling on the county to shrink the sheriff’s budget and redirect those funds to community causes. A caravan of cars making two passes by Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Andersen’s home in Danville.​

U.S. eviction bans are ending. That could worsen the spread of coronavirus

Reuters - Last month, as the coronavirus was surging in Houston, recently unemployed hospital secretary Ramzan Boudoin got more bad news: She had six days to vacate her apartment for failing to pay the rent.

A Texas ban on evictions had enabled Boudoin to keep the two-bedroom place she shared with her daughter and granddaughter while she searched for another job. But that moratorium expired on May 18. The landlord took legal action and Boudoin couldn’t come up with $2,997 plus interest to settle the judgment.

Oakland extends freeze on evictions indefinitely amid patchwork of varying rules

FOX 2 KTVU - The Oakland City Council voted Tuesday to extend the city’s eviction moratorium until the state of emergency expires, which means that renters cannot be evicted in most cases, including COVID-related nonpayment, but will have to pay the owed rent when the state of emergency is over. These protections, which have an indefinite expiration date, coexist alongside Alameda County’s eviction moratorium, which provides similar protections until the end of September. 

The amount of time renters have to pay back their owed rent is not specified in the Oakland moratorium, but the county ordinance allows people 12 months to pay the rent back without being evicted, during which time the owed funds will become a consumer debt. Both ordinances prevent tenants from being removed from their homes due to this debt, and from having an eviction judgement against them, which could impact long term housing security.

Extienden protección a inquilinos del condado de Los Ángeles

Los dueños de viviendas no podrán desalojar a las familias hasta finales de septiembre.

Telemundo52 - La Junta de Supervisores del condado de Los Ángeles aprobó el martes continuar con la protección contra el desalojo de inquilinos hasta el 30 de septiembre. 

La orden de emergencia estaba por expirar a finales de julio. Pero la medida aprobada, de acuerdo con algunos de sus miembros, busca evitar un mayor aumento de las personas sin hogar en el condado. 

Oakland Tenants Protest Investors Plan to ‘Inspect’ Their Units During Pandemic

A Bay Area rent strike could be a harbinger of tenant unrest as California prepares for an eviction tsunami triggered by the pandemic.

Capital & Main - Tenants and supporters demonstrated at an Oakland apartment complex where tenants are mounting a rent strike against Mosser Capital. During the COVID-19 crisis the landlord is insisting on bringing investors to inspect the apartments despite the danger of contagion.

Mosser bought more than 20 buildings in Oakland in 2016, according to the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), which organized the rent strike. Mosser received a Paycheck Protection Program loan between $2 million and $5 million during the pandemic.

Housing activists urge Valley lawmaker to support colleagues’ rent relief bill over his own

Hertzberg co-authored his own bill aimed at providing rent relief, but activists say another piece of legislation, AB 1436, is stronger.

Los Angeles Daily News - Activists seeking relief for struggling renters brought their demands to the Van Nuys home of Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg on Friday, July 17, urging him to support legislation that would bar landlords from evicting tenants as they pay back rent they were unable to make during the COVID-19 emergency.


Groups rally in downtown San Diego for rent, child care help

KGTV ABC 10 - A pair of protests collided in front of State Sen. Toni Atkins' downtown San Diego office Friday morning, and joined forces to call for help.

Members from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment gathered to tell Atkins to support Assembly Bill 1436, which would extend the eviction moratorium until April 1, 2021. They say it's the only way to protect people who haven't been able to pay rent because of the coronavirus pandemic.