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“Yo no quiero vivir en la calle”: residente de Sacramento teme quedarse sin casa tras recibir una orden de desalojo

SACRAMENTO, CA - El señor Bernardo contactó a Univision 19 luego de recibir una orden de desalojo para presuntamente realizar reparaciones en su vivienda. El hombre teme que, si abandona la casa, el dueño de la vivienda no le permita volver una vez realizados los arreglos.

Newsom deals with deficit

STATEWIDE - After years of record California budget surpluses, Gov. Newsom outlines a plan to deal with a deficit he projects at $22.5 billion. He says he can keep his big promises despite the “modest shortfall.”

California will delay some spending commitments, reverse recent steps to shore up its fiscal health, and shift funding sources to limit the cuts it must make to close a projected $22.5 billion budget deficit, Gov. Gavin Newsom said today.


San Diego declares ‘housing as a human right’ but does it mean anything legally?

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to declare housing as a human right, a rare move for a city with a lot of housing issues.

San Diego’s resolution states housing is a “fundamental human right and reaffirms its commitment to providing more housing and services geared toward putting a roof over the head of every San Diegan.” Madison, Wis., made a similar declaration in 2011 — making it likely San Diego is only the second, or at least part of a small minority of American cities, to put into writing that housing is a right.

L.A. City Council Approves Significant New Renter Protections

LOS ANGELES, CA - This afternoon the L.A. City Council approved new protections for renters. The new tenant protections are anticipated to take effect by February 1, when temporary pandemic eviction restrictions are set to expire.

Councilmember Nithya Raman, one of the council’s most dedicated renter advocates in recent years and very much the main architect of today’s ordinance, termed today’s vote “the most significant since the institution of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.”

REGENTS Highlights of the UC Regents’s January 2023 meeting

SAN DIEGO - The University of California Regents Committee on Investments discussed the performance of the UC’s portfolio of investments on Jan. 17, which currently sits at $157 billion in assets as of Jan. 15.

The Council of UC Faculty Associations joined with UC unions to call for the UC’s divestment from Blackstone. Members of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) spoke at the public comment session of the Jan. 17 Regents meeting in support of divestment.

Concejales de LA proponen protecciones para inquilinos ante el fin de la moratoria de desalojos

LOS ANGELES, CA - El Concejo de Los Ángeles se prepara para votar a favor de nuevas protecciones para los inquilinos en la ciudad de Los Ángeles en momentos en los que los grupos que abogan por sus derechos piden que se extienda una vez más la moratoria de desalojos o se adopte una nueva.

Entre las principales protecciones propuestas para los inquilinos destaca una ordenanza que prohíbe poner fin al alquiler de una vivienda sin una causa justa, no solo para aquellos protegidos por el Control de Renta o por el estado de California.

Protesters call for higher taxes on rich as Newsom readies to unveil 2023 state budget

LOS ANGELES — Gov. Gavin Newsom will unveil the new state budget Tuesday.

The governor had previously announced that the state would have a surplus of funding, but the state is now in a deficit, in part because of the economic downturn.

On Monday, activists staged a protest, calling on higher taxation, which they say would allow for a more robust state budget.

Cambia de suerte: el gobernador Newsom explica su plan para lidiar con el déficit presupuestario

ESTATAL - California retrasará algunos compromisos de gastos, revertirá los pasos recientes para apuntalar su salud fiscal y cambiará las fuentes de financiamiento para limitar los recortes que debe hacer para cerrar un déficit presupuestario proyectado de $22,500 millones, dijo hoy el gobernador Gavin Newsom.

El déficit, ligeramente inferior a los $24 mil millones que los analistas financieros de la Legislatura estimaron en noviembre, no impedirá que el estado cumpla sus ambiciones de transformar la educación, la falta de vivienda, la asequibilidad de la vivienda y la atención médica, insistió el gobernador demócrata.

Reversal of fortune: Gov. Newsom outlines plan to deal with budget deficit

STATEWIDE - California will delay some spending commitments, reverse recent steps to shore up its fiscal health and shift funding sources to limit the cuts it must make to close a projected $22.5 billion budget deficit, Gov. Gavin Newsom said today.

The shortfall, slightly less than the $24 billion that financial analysts for the Legislature estimated in November, will not prevent the state from fulfilling its ambitions of transforming education, homelessness, housing affordability and health care, the Democratic governor insisted.

As Newsom prepares to unveil his budget, activists want one thing, Republicans another

SACRAMENTO - California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveils his 2023-24 budget today, a blueprint that is expected to address a widely anticipated shortfall of as much as $24 billion.

The governor faces the unenviable task of determining where to cut and how deeply to draw down “rainy day” savings to make everything pencil out this summer.

As Newsom grapples with the budget, protesters gathered Monday in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego to wage a literal tug-of-war to get the governor’s attention.

Newsom to lead anti-Jan. 6 march to Capitol

Over the next few days, very different events will take place in downtown Sacramento.

Today, Gov. Gavin Newsom is set to march to the state Capitol with a group of ticketed supporters before being sworn into office for his second term, according to an invitation enclosed in a late December campaign email. About 1,000 people are expected to attend the inauguration, a permit approved by the California Highway Patrol shows.

But Newsom may be facing criticism of his own. On Monday, an alliance of labor and community groups calling itself California Common Good is set to hold “street theater actions” — complete with 10-foot-tall puppets of Newsom and California billionaires — in Sacramento, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Election hands setbacks, wins to renters and landlords in Oakland and Alameda County

OAKLAND, CA - The November election has given Oakland a batch of elected officials who, on the whole, may be the friendliest to renters’ issues of any set of city leaders in recent memory. 

Mayor-elect Sheng Thao is a renter herself, and a majority of city councilmembers either have substantial track records of passing tenant protections or have campaigned on the promise to support them.

But voters in one pivotal county race rejected a well-known renter advocate, leaving less clarity about the direction of housing policy at the county level, which could impact Oakland. 

Los Angeles Tenants Union holds People’s Assembly to address housing crisis

LOS ANGELES, CA - On December 3, several hundred attendees participated in the first People’s Assembly organized by the Los Angeles Tenants Union since the pandemic exacerbated the housing crisis in Los Angeles. The union-wide assembly was held in the Student Union building at the Los Angeles City College.

The Assembly represented local chapters of the LATU, including: Baldwin-Leimert-Crenshaw, East Hollywood, Union de Vecinos from the Eastside, Lincoln Heights, South Central, Flower Drive, MacArthur Park, Vermont y Beverly (VyBe), and more. Each local presented their unique struggles, their tenants organizing tactics and tangible solutions for LA’s housing crisis. 

Protesters Storm San Diego Real Estate Office, Demand End to Evictions Targeting Low-Income Renters

SAN DIEGO, CA - About a dozen activists with the advocacy group Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) stormed the lobby of a downtown office building Friday morning demanding to speak to a PR representative of the real estate corporation Blackstone.

The group says the corporate landlord is threatening to evict low-income renters.

“Our main message was to demand that Blackstone, this multibillion-dollar corporate landlord, stop evicting families here in San Diego county,” said Sarah Guzman with ACCE.

Tenants in Blackstone-owned properties rally against evictions

SAN DIEGO, CA — A rally in downtown San Diego Friday called for a halt to evictions at Blackstone-owned properties.

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, or ACCE, said San Diego County is already dealing with a homeless crisis, and now is not the time to force people to find somewhere else to live.

"We already have a big housing crisis, so kicking people out of their homes will only worsen. People have nowhere to go; rent is too expensive. There's very limited affordable housing here, so people need to stay in their homes," said Sarah Guzman of ACCE.

Chesapeake Apartments Residents Will Protest at the Los Angeles Housing Department Offices

LOS ANGELES, CA - Frustrated by the Los Angeles Housing Department’s (LAHD) decision not to place the Chesapeake Apartment complex into the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP), residents held a protest and press conference at LAHD’s offices on Friday to call out the department’s failure to hold the complex’s owner, billionaire slumlord Mike Nijjar, accountable for its dilapidated and unsafe conditions.

How Much Can Your Landlord Legally Raise Your Rent? This Tool Will Tell You

Starting this week, California renters can use a new online tool to check their eligibility for state and local rent protections based on their ZIP code. The idea is to make it easy to figure out how much your landlord can legally raise your rent each year, since rent caps vary from city to city. No need to read through your local rent control ordinance — now renters can just follow a simple set of prompts at and get an answer.

Mayor Gloria, Council President Elo-Rivera release tenant protection framework

SAN DIEGO, CA - Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera released a proposed framework aimed at providing greater local protections for tenants.

The framework incorporates input from residents, tenant advocates and rental housing providers gathered over the last month, following the City Council's Oct. 31 tenant protection workshop.

Morning Report: Mayor, Council Prez Outline the Tenant Protections They Want

SAN DIEGO, CA - Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera on Tuesday announced a proposal to enhance tenant protections in the city.

They unveiled a framework with a series of proposed changes including just-cause eviction protections for tenants, more required relocation assistance following no-fault evictions and additional time for seniors and San Diegans with disabilities to find new homes after receiving a no-fault eviction notice.

Is Everything in Your Lease Legal? Quite Possibly Not

You’ve decided to move to a new place. You scour the typical rental websites, browsing various options within your budget. Once you’ve decided on a place, you initiate the beginning of a new relationship—between landlord and tenant—through signing a lease.

While this legal contract is the foundation of the rent relationship, it’s often not simple to navigate.

Poor housing conditions continue at L.A. apartment complex, despite 2,000 citations

LOS ANGELES, CA - Maintenance workers installed new vinyl in Ruth Perez’s one bedroom apartment over floorboards that sag under foot. They put a new drain pipe in a sink that still clogs. They screwed new cabinet hinges into rotted wood. And they haven’t yet bothered to replace the stained carpet, or the heavy wooden closet doors that keep coming off their tracks.

“It’s just back-to-back issues,” said Perez’s 23-year-old son, Yonathan, who lives with his mom and two younger siblings. “They fix one problem and then another one comes up. We don’t feel comfortable in our own home.”

Holiday abandonment: More than 100,000 COVID-impacted renters tell state ‘Thanks for nothing’

SACRAMENTO, CA - In the first chaotic months of the pandemic, as the Newsom administration shut down most of the state’s economy, leaders assured working people that if they did their part to contain the virus by staying home, then the income they lost wouldn’t lead to getting evicted or becoming homeless.

Now, nearly three years later, tens of thousands of tenants from Sacramento to San Diego are heading into Thanksgiving with a complete sense of betrayal on that front.

Protesters occupy county building as tenants reel from COVID rent relief program’s end

SAN DIEGO, CA - Tenants and advocates staged a sit-in protest at the San Diego County Housing and Community Development Services building on Tuesday, calling on county officials to address issues with the defunct COVID rent relief program that left thousands of renters in the region facing eviction.

The county’s emergency rental assistance (ERA) program was part of statewide efforts to relieve the impact of economic hardship during the pandemic. Now, several months after the program ended back in March, tenants are still struggling.

Rent controls and affordable housing initiatives were big winners in the 2022 midterms

Ballot measures in the U.S. to build more affordable housing and protect tenants from soaring rent increases were plentiful and fared well in last week’s midterm elections, a sign of growing angst over record-high rents exacerbated by inflation and a dearth of homes.

IBA analyzes how to improve affordable housing in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, CA - It’s no secret that San Diego and all of California has an affordable housing crisis. Rents in the region are near all-time highs and inflation is affecting the cost of everyday necessities.

ACCE San Diego director Jose Lopez said that’s pushing many San Diegans over the edge.